The Awakening

April 22, 2012
By , Downers Grove, IL
When the morning spring light falls,
Silently blooming across the room,
And you open your dusty eyelids
Break from your warm cocoon
See that there is a new life upon you
That what is past was never life
That what you felt was never true

I’ll be your fallen angel,
With an electric twinkle in my eye,
A sad smile on my face
That makes you want to die.
I’ll take you where you’ve never been,
I can be innocent
But I know you prefer sin.

I’m a doll sent from heaven,
But bound for hell
I’ve gotta make life interesting.
Make a story that’s worth to tell
I like the feeling before I fall
I like to overcome fear
Watch the shadows climb my walls
I’m not afraid of what’s under my bed,
I don’t mind the monsters in my closet,
Or the voices in my head.
This dark and sizzling life
It enchants me beyond belief
Like a blooming thorned rose
The turning of a new leaf.

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