Where My Father Went

April 29, 2012
We were one.
One family in separate houses.
All belong together.
Not in that way though…
Cancer came. He was gone,
(my second dad)
fast. Each family
torn, hurt, broken, distraught.
Reaching for the impossible…
Moments later, or that’s the
feeling, we lost another.
Not from cancer but from
Distancing himself from us…
A best friend
Now he is
The search for a faded friend
made him disappear.
We lost two…
The pain shattered us.
Tore us in pieces, broke
us down, ripped us
apart. We lost,
lost everything. No father
existed. Like his best friend,
he vanished, to another life.
He thinks he can be happier…
He left us-my mom, sisters,
me- in a painful place.
Heartache swallowed me,
became the person
I was.
Now, light does not exist. Only dark followed
me. He doesn’t know.
Blackened with hate…
Shadows follow me,
reminding me,
telling me,
I don’t know where,
where my father went.

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