Mandala Poem

May 2, 2012
At school I’m like a sunflower, conveying a happy, warm mood each day
But when I get home I’m a morning glory, I curl up and let this mask fade away
I may put on the appearance of jello, able to bounce back from hurtful words people say
But some things are just too harsh and make me want to hide away

I’ve always been too clingy, like the velcro that used to hold on my shoes
Though over time being like rayon seems to be what I should pursue
The loose, breathable fabric you see sports teams wearing on T.V.
This is the very fabric I do wish that I could be

On the outside, I’m a monkey,
Full of life and energy
Ready to take on any challenge that may just come to me
I’m definitely not a gazelle
Dashing gracefully through the Sahel
I trip and fall and bleed
Cars have even run over me

In times of trouble my family’s there
They always let me know they care
Our lucky number’s 11 not 1
Because even though we may not always win we’ll still always have fun

I’ve become rooted like a sycamore
I refuse to be changed by anyone anymore
Life is hectic and keeping things in perspective is no easy task
But knowing I can get through whatever will help my happiness always last.

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