It Gets Better

May 2, 2012
By Anonymous

I want to go home and sink into my bed

I want to get all these bad thoughts out of my head

Turns out negativity is what took over and led

Led me to finding out I’m only just a shred

Time passes and I stay still

Gazing around and see people move with will

Standing i realize I can’t stop and chill

I’m supposed to be moving, experiencing the thrill

Not accepted, not enough

No one seems to call my bluff

They see me quiet, they think I’m tough

But no one knows, all the stuff

Waking up is hard to do,

Especially after all I’ve been through

Surely you know that feeling too,

That feeling where you just hate your view

I’ve been told things get better,

Now I’ve bottled my feelings in a letter

I know I’ve never been a go getter

But I’m done hiding in this sweater

Good will come,

I hear the beat of the drum

Time is ticking I can’t be dumb

I will get out of this slum

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