May 2, 2012
By Anonymous

Sometimes you have to take a chance and make the leap. You may not know what will happen but you sure as he** will regret not taking the chance. Think of what you want right now at this very moment, now think about how you will get it. You only live once, don’t worry about being annoying, and don’t worry about constantly bothering people because chances are they aren’t annoyed or bothered and if they are they shouldn’t be in your life. Sometimes you have to take a chance, make a new friend, add your crush on Facebook, talk to people you wouldn’t normally, whatever you want at this moment take a chance and go for it. Life is now, it’s going on; don’t worry about people think. Speak your mind, be random, talk to a stranger, fall in love, and just enjoy everything. The key to life it to not have regrets, to not think should have /could have /would have, and to not miss opportunities. Sometimes we need a little push but we should all take a jump at some point.

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