May 2, 2012
By LovePoetry97 BRONZE, Saint Charles, Missouri
LovePoetry97 BRONZE, Saint Charles, Missouri
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Little Girl Fourteen
She Struggles to find herself
she's stuck in this cold world
thinking he** is where she belongs
and it is.
little girl
almost 15.
think of life
as something to end
and death comes to her
this girl she's afraid of the world
she wants to die
there is nothing anyone can do now
the pills are in her system
theres no use in pumping her stomache
she'll just do it again
it a lost cause so f***
everyone with grudges towards me is gonna love this...
smiles on there faces when MY death goes public

The author's comments:
not actually going to die/kill my slef...just a poem i wrote a LONGG time ago

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