The Odyssey

May 2, 2012
By Anonymous

As I start the journey of the courageous Layla, I call on the help of
Herica, muse of heroism. Guide me as I tell this heroic tale. Help my
fingers to enchant this paper with Layla’s story.

Lights Out

Layla the Heroic was just lounging on a lazy summer day.
With nothing to do she flipped on the TV to watch Easy A.
At a commercial break she surfed the channels, to her surprise; a big
storm was on its way.
She closed the windows and let the dog in.
There was nothing more to do, but stay inside and let the storm pass through.
She waited and waited and nothing seemed to happen.
Then, all at once, everything started crashing.
Tree limbs falling and narrowly missing power lines.
It seemed as though this storm had been brought about by the gods.
Layla could do nothing but watch.
She prayed and hoped the power lines were not struck.
Time passed and it continued to storm.
Layla fell asleep, she was tired and worn.
The next thing Layla knew, there was a cackling laugh.
Myrdal, as terrible as a bitter winter, horrendous like crazed dog,
was standing outside her door.

“I have the whole city’s elelectricityy, now none of you will be able to
watch your stupid TV or play on those dumb computers,
When your silly little phones die,
no longer will you charge them.
In the trash they go.
You can do nothing,
but discard them.
I have the power and I won’t give it back.
I will keep it for myself,” she said with a laugh.
Off she went neither east not west.
She did not go north.
Myrdal went south.
She went down to her father’s home,
Down south where no one will cooperate,
No one likes northerners very much down south.
Layla thought to herself, “Well this should be fun.”
All for One,
But Layla You Just Do It
As Layla went to warn the people, she became increasingly more aware.
The panic around her was freezing everyone in their tracks.
Layla shouted, “Everyone, I have your backs.
I will do what it takes to get our elelectricityy back,
Myrdal can’t hide forever.
Plus, I know where she is.”
The people cheered for the girl,
Yet no one volunteered to help fight Myrdal.
Layla set off to find a way to Myrdal’s family estate.

Up, Up and Away

Now, Layla had to find some means of transportation.
She searched on Drover Street, and there was nothing
Layla continued to search for the rest of that day.
When she was about to give up, Layla stumbled upon a set of keys.
“Just my luck! Now, to find what these keys unlock” she said.
There was a button on the keys and when she pushed it a helicopter
started to ring.
Looks like Layla found her ride.
She hopped in and speed read through the instructor’s manual.
Soon, she was in the air on her way to see Benet, the master of
location, down in Georgia.

This Way, No That Way, Uh I Forgot
Layla arrived at Mr. Benet’s home; he was a kind man, who was always looking to help people with directions.
Layla started down the dirt path to his front door.
With a little, rhythmic knock Layla stood at the door patiently waiting.
Benet came to the door and politely let her in.
They sat at his kitchen table while waiting for the kettle to whistle.
As they sat, Layla explained her pitiful position.
“I can’t help you.” Benet said sorrowfully.
“Why?! You have helped me in the past!” Layla cried.
“You forget too easily, girl. Since the elelectricityy is gone, I can’t
search through my internet collections.” Benet replied.
“You don’t remember anything?” Layla pleaded
“I do have a very old map, which might lead to Myrdal’s house, but it
is a long shot.” Benet replied.
“I will take any shot I have at this point.” Layla said desperately.
He handed over the map and sent her on her way.

Out of My Way

Layla was half way there when she noticed; she’d have to deal with Steve, the evil genius.
Steve was smart, but not street smart.
He was only book smart, but he was very, very smart.
Steve used his intelligence for evil.
That mind could be used for such good, but he was an evil man and everything he created was used for horrendous deeds.
Now, Layla was going to have to go through his “territory”.
Basically, she had to pass near his castle.
Off she went, it was going to be hard, but Layla had the endurance.
She was like a mule, stubborn and strong.
As she approached the castle of Steve, she started to get nervous.
What was she going to do if he captured her?
Suddenly, Marley, the goddess of wisdom and strength, appeared.
Marley said, “You can do this. Just believe.”
Layla received a suit of invisibility.
Now, she could pass by Steve’s castle inconspicuously.


The helicopter was out of gas, so there was no choice for Layla, but to walk.
She spotted a cave and being as exhausted as she was Layla went to go make a bed for the night.
She stumbled into the cave.
Nothing sounded better to her than some sleep.
Layla was sound asleep before she had barely lain down.
What seemed like hours later, a hot breeze woke her up.
She stretched and opened her eyes.
“Oh goodness! Who are you?” Layla asked the giant dragon in her face.
The dragon gave no response, he only stared.
“Why are you all up in my grill?” Layla asked sassily this time.
The dragon opened his mouth; he was going to set her on fire.
She ran for her life.
Out of the cave, down a hill, and up the nearest tree she ran.
There was no chance of that silly, little dragon to catch her.

Are We There Yet

Layla traveled for two whole days.
She was getting nervous.
How was she to defeat Myrdal?
What if Myrdal hid the elelectricityy?
“I can’t do this!” Layla thought.
Just as she thought that, she also remembered Marley.
Marley believed in her.
She could and would defeat Myrdal and get the elelectricityy back for everyone.

The Battle

As Layla walked down the winding road, she saw a giant house.
It was a mansion.
Was that Myrdal’s house?
It was now Sheryl’s, goddess of all gods, turn to help.
She brought Layla weapons to defeat Myrdal.
It would help, but she was going to have to work.
She busted through Myrdal’s door and the fight began.
Myrdal ran to the safe and screamed, “You can’t have it!”
Layla walked up and tackled Myrdal to the ground.
The brawl lasted for all of five minutes, before Layla had Myrdal pinned.
She used Sheryl’s magic “forgetting dust”.
Soon Layla had the elelectricityy and was on her way home a hero.

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