My Childhood

May 2, 2012
I am from Family.
From Crash, Boober, Mancheechee.
From Moo Moo and Boppy.
From Foo and Porky and Fe.
From Goulash and Fried Chicken.
From Yatzee and Night tag.
From slug bug, beaver whack, and cruiser bruiser (neon pee on never quiet caught on)
From reading books and family weekends.
From church singing and Sunday dress.
From walks in the park and sweet gentle Missy.
From silver spoons and wind chimes.
From tickling beards and got your noses.
From guess whats? And chicken butts.
From guess hows? And big brown cows.
From guess whys? And Chicken thighs.
From guess whens? And big fat hens.
From guess whos? And Stinky yous!
From grandmas song and kid size grocery carts.
From popsicles and bells.
From coupons and reading glasses.
From soft balls and western novels.
From zucchini bread and oatmeal cookies.
From Sunday burning leaves and morning papers.
From bug collections and Chihuahua best friends.
From crazy Christmases and making fun.
From Croc shoes and bugga boos.
From my Mexican adopted family and my crazy uncle Ben and Frank.
From Fe Snyder and Mi amiga Miss Chelsea.
From mischief with my brothers and holes in my ceiling.
From broken Buddas and shattered cats.
From hopscotch on the side walk and MAN! I feel like a Woman!
From tricycle races and cry baby faces.
From Elizabeth dolls and mattress fort walls.
From smiles and love.
From friends and family.
From Home.

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