Tasting Life

May 2, 2012
By Anonymous

I savor my talents
Picking each one like candies
And enjoy as they feed my starving soul.

I skip around my life
Wandering around rolling fields
Covered with cotton candy
And notice a rainbow of skittles illuminating the sky.

I kneel over a chocolate river
Drink hope, slurp challenges,
And dive into happiness

I grab a handful of my dreams
Stuffing them in my mouth
Like gummy bears
That make my mind tingle

I roll over my thoughts
Eating up all the negatives
That sting the inside of my mouth
Like ghost peppers

I lick destiny like ice cream
Until my brain can take no more
Ice freezes my brain
But memories melt it away like smores

I munch faith like a lollipop
Until I get to the candy’s center
I chew at madness like bubblegum
Clearing my life of misery as goodness enters

Experiences play games with my tongue
Like coca-cola
Romance warms my heart
Like cinnamon rolls

A handsome prince grabs my shoulders
And leans as he gives me a kiss

His lips stick to mine like melted caramel
Making my cheeks the color of love

Now if life were only this delicious
If life were only this sweet
But then I wake up from my scrumptious life
And realize that life was only a dream

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