Lost Within No Distance

May 2, 2012
By delaine SILVER, Rosharon, Tx, Texas
delaine SILVER, Rosharon, Tx, Texas
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Can't breathe but yet nothing is choking my, can't speak but yet everyone wants to listen, can't move but nothings holding me down. That simple sense of losing it all is about but what is there to lose? The friends that might leave within a year or two? The objects i possess in my name that have no sentimental meaning? The money i have yet to make? Or the job i have yet to find. The one item, that person can live in fear of losing, of never regaining, of never finding once lost, is their own mind. Once it is lost to you, it's lost to everyone. There's no such thing as going sane once you've lost it, at least not to these people. When you go crazy you are labeled as so. Making you lost in this world. Lost and forgotten. Society will look at you as a mad man, friends will look at you as charity work, family will look at you as a cripple. and no sooner will you look at yourself, and wonder. "Where did I go" No distance beyond your own mind can explain how for gone you can be at that point. You're lost in your own mind, can't talk about it because you have no way to explain it, can't think about it because there is no way of smiling afterwards, can't move on with it because nothing/no one will let you forget. The reality of your mind being gone forever is not as it seems. You will one day realize, that you did not lose your mind but that you are simply different from the rest of the world. and society doesn't want you to accept it.

The author's comments:
Life is a state of mind, state it up to your desires

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