an hour past my leash

May 2, 2012
By Anonymous

Do you know?

Please tell me, if so…

Because otherwise I feel my patience is getting

frighteningly low

Yesterday at dusk

Tall grass, and us

Laying there, sitting and standing

If there were people

I’m sure they would stare

But that is obvious

What isn’t obvious is

why we weren’t

all that cautious

You would think we’d

know better

Lips locked, bodies intertwined together

No one can know

So we do our best to let it go…

But ever hours later

we are still thinking about about each others


The sun has ditched us, in the dark

My legs wrapped around his waist

As we linger in greedy embrace

I swear my lips are swollen

And I fear that they may be

But that doesn’t stop him

And that doesn’t stop me

We pay no attention to the time we have stolen

His hands are all to brave

slowly wondering my hidden skin

lips touching my neck

lips touching everywhere

So many thoughts laced with sins

So many places I could be

But instead I decide to lay here

We kiss so deep

Violent, and at the same time sweet

My hands pulling at his shirt

At the same time pushing him lower to the ground

It seemed second nature

commonly casually

An hour past my leash

My heart still climbing trees

Maybe i should have thought this through

Am i just too head over heels

for you?

I know that one day I will tire

of counting sheep everynight

Because I can’t fall asleep

My head spinning with

thoughts of loving

Something must be up

I don’t have this good of luck

I swear my body is glowing

Is it because of love or lust?

Pray to God to make this right

Maybe i wont see my lover tonight

I fear I’m going about this all wrong

But I want to love him all life long

There, in that field

with tall grass

at dusk

with only us,

I could stay forever

and ever

and ever

The author's comments:
well i went on a long walk with my friend, then we got bored and took a break in a field

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