I'm Sorry (I Never Told You)

April 29, 2012
I'm sorry I never told you
That one day I will never return
From an errand halfway across the world
In a parallel universe
Where we don't exist

I'm sorry I still haven't told you
That I never traveled the world
And that the girl you stared at
Every single day
Isn't all there

I'm sorry about what I never told you
You still haven't heard
From an outside source
Or those rumors about
My disappearance

I'm sorry but I have to tell you
She's three years old now
With your curly blonde hair
And my dark brown eyes
She's yours

I'm sorry that I told you
I knew it wouldn't turn out
Like a fairytale ending
Where you begin to
Help out with money

I'm sorry you had to hear
As I kneel by your grave
With Lexi by my side
That's her name you know
Your beautiful baby girl

I'm sorry I never told you
Not to go off to war
And fight a pointless battle
Where you would never return
And see the girl
I never told you about

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