my life as a seed

April 29, 2012
By iloveart BRONZE, Belmont, Vermont
iloveart BRONZE, Belmont, Vermont
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" you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only thing you have"

The moist earth surrounds me. I stretch, wiggling the tips of my roots. I reach down through soft earth, breaking my way through, embedding my tangled web further into the soil. I lift me head yearning for sunlight’s kiss. I feel the beauty of birth as I emerge from the ground so new and fragile. I lift my head up to the sun feeling its warmth resonate within me. I am born. As the sun rises and sets, as twilight comes and goes I grow. I am a young flower in the tumbling fields with many others all trying to grasp the ground to ensure safety. As dusk comes to call my head wilts. I close my eyes as raindrops begin to fall. My spindly roots drink up, thankful for the chance to be refreshed. The wind blows stronger still as I am thrashed about in that endless see of green and pastels. When morning rises my tiny petals are sticking out, covered in miniature drops of water. Yet the sun comes up and I recover from the storm. Four moons have come and gone and as my petals turn to seed a gentle gust of wind blows by sending my wishes away. Now I am left all alone but grace is given because with each seed that has blown away will come another day, another day to learn and grow.

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