Changing Hospitals

April 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Cambridge Health, Cahill, 3, 304

My location
Hospital, building, floor, room
Seems like a code
Only 5 days locked up
With other kids like me
And I get to leave.

But not go home
Not even to pack anything
Straight to McLean
All the way through campus
To East House
Grab my two bags
Floor 2 ART unit
Acute Residential Treatment
I'm in the best mental health hospital

They put me here no doubt by pulling strings
They agree I need it because I've
Done everything right and am only worse
Also they think that this program will challenge me

Again I'm a newbie
And have to get to know people
I'm shy so this is hard

It's all girls with me
The other wing on the floor is all boys
Half are here for depression
Half are here for substance abuse

During the day we go to school
(the AC Academic Center)
For psycho education
We have check-in
Then class where we work
With our Educators
Then groups,
More groups,
Community meeting,
Then back to East House
Room Time from 3 to 4:30
Community check in
Freetime from 4:30- 10Pm
Meds at 9:30
Night snack
Room time at 10 till you sleep

Here it's more like a boarding school
We talk and hang out
It's more laid back
Everyone's kind and accepting
But it's still hard to come out of my shell

The author's comments:
I was hospitalized with suicidal tendencies and severe depression

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