Seen Her Cry

April 24, 2012
you've never seen a woman cry...
'til you've seen her walk away crying
and you've never seen a woman cry,
'til you stood there,
and watched her pick up
broken pieces of her glass heart
with her already scarred fingers.

so for a woman, her deep cries
are alone and silent.
a woman cries in private
only to hide
for those she's protecting.
she wallows in her heart,
and caresses her pain.

you've never seen a woman cry
'til she had her love ripped out
and no hope for humanity
as she watches her blood drip.
for a true woman will bleed for
her love, as a true man
should recognize her pain.

now you've never seen ME cry...
until that day, and as women
we promise to make it your last.

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