My Art Helps Me Speak

April 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Everyone says “You have to love you family no matter what,”
They might do, but I don’t.
My step-dad is always at work from dawn to dusk.
My mother just yells most of the day and cleans.
My half-sister does nothing, but plays games or watch TV.
I don’t like any of them.
They all drive me to the point of thinking about my own death or wish that I already was…
My mother and sister are the ones the cause this more than my father.
I might as well say it drives me insane.
I use to write about how I felt whenever they made me sad or ticked off…
But each time I hid it they both found it.
After that I started to cut myself…
They found out about that too.
But I haven’t for almost a year now…
Now I use my art as a way to speak the words that I would be in huge trouble to even speak.
They are the ones that do the screaming, the fighting, and the show of love for me.
Since I have them I don’t have to pretend any more, all I have to do is let them do all of my emotions.
But since I can’t speak for myself just yet,
I hope they give me the courage to do that…

The author's comments:
My sister inspired me to write this... i really wish that it would be nicer more happy and cheerful inspiration instead of... "THIS"

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