The Choices We Made

April 25, 2012
Let’s get this straight,
Because I will be frank and honest.
I have no feelings for you,
You despicable thing.
Ugly on the outside, beautiful on the inside,
You are my opposite.
Somehow somewhere when we met,
You noticed and came close to me,
More gentle than a dove’s feather,
More sweet than the finest sugar alone,
More loving than my own parents.
The perfect gentleman,
If only you weren’t so hideous.
That’s why I have no true feelings for you.
Come closer, and I won’t stop you,
From touching the many thorns of this rose.
Intellect and knowledge I will never reach
Are proven through our many meetings.
My intellect is that of bread.
Yet why come closer?
Time doesn’t stop for us, and now it’s
I do, I do,
Forever bound by these words.
We don’t kiss because I will never touch you,
Which you are well aware.
You are one in every eternity,
And even though you will not do surgery as I request,
You have never failed me for anything else.
Since you have made your decision,
I will make mine, and it is this:
You are horrid to look at, and every time I even glance,
I am disgusted not only with you, but more myself.
It’s too bad I can’t teach myself to love anymore.
To dig past the surface.
Yet I can sense it, the energy of your noble soul,
Brighter than anything I’ve ever known before.
So I want to stay by your side.
I will follow you until my lifeline shatters.
Doing everything I can to keep us strung together.
But oh no, I’ve already lost my wedding ring now.
I know the answer,
So I want to check one last time,
Before I submit and change for good.
Will you still call me your Lover?

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