The Love In My Heart

April 24, 2012
By SeleneMoon BRONZE, Circle, Utah
SeleneMoon BRONZE, Circle, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
Even though you hate me I cant help falling in love with you.

The love I gave you disappeared in your heart.
And as soon as you told me I fell apart.
You were my heart my soul,
You were my everything my roll en' roll.
The friendship was deep, I thought but I guess I mean nothing to you.
I'm just a girl you can hang out with then toss me in the gutter.
But I've got a newsflash for you.
I'm not the girl to play around with. I may say that I'm over this whole situation but to be honest. I wish I could crawl in my bed and cry every night.
You were my friend and I trusted you with everything! I even let myself fall for you and what did you do?
You spit in my face like a camel.
Don't you even think about crawling back to me when your done with that one girl.
Lets just say The Love in My heart is gone.
Just like now...your just a whisper to me.

The author's comments:
This happened to me and to quite honest...its really go me in a gutter. The picture symbolizes before the little fight.

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