defying love

April 29, 2012
By christina johnson SILVER, Houston, Texas
christina johnson SILVER, Houston, Texas
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you with your perpetual charm
and lips
that help whispered promises of forever
but our definitions of forever must be different
because while we stand under the same domain
it is not my hand that you are holding
not my ear
that you fill with empty promises
and false love...
at least not any more
i remember
when you looked into my eyes
and said i love you
those three words that i have always wanted to hear
and yet told never to trust
but i was only a teenager!
needing to feel security
needing to know that someone loved me
so trust i did
but i could never understand
how you could be so deaf
when words left my mouth
or how i could be so blind
as not to see that i meant worse then nothing to you
your eyes
that were green one moment
and then gone the next
still burns in my memory
is it that in which endeared me to you?
and you taught me
that there is no pain in this world
comparable to that of a broken heart
like fire being laid in lines across your skin
and it is all consuming
leaving you feeling
hollow inside
your mind which was quick to cast judgement
and your tainted tongue quick to poison the truth
to spit lies
which was all that i was fed
until a point where i could take no more
until i was full of it...
sweet is the memory of our distant love
i should have realized that every hello
ends with a goodbye
because the chapter of us is officially over
and yet for me
the story is only just beginning

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