A Pain in My Chest

April 29, 2012
By modhulove SILVER, Tampa, Florida
modhulove SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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There's a pain in my chest that I can't stand anymore.
A pain that hurts more than before.
It pushes and pulls me to the ground.
I scream but my voice carries no sound.
Its like the silent wind in the sky.
Whishing and whooshing while passing you by.
You can't see my hollow pain,
like you can't see tears in the rain.
This pain pulls at my heart.
Gauging my feelings apart.
It calls out to me in the middle of the night.
Bringing the demons I am forced to fight.
Tears overflow from my eyes.
With every passing day a part of me dies.
Its useless to ignore the past.
A simple moment of joy never seems to last.
This pain covers me in full darkness.
Overshadowing me with loneliness.
Like the great waves of the ocean,
drowning me all over again.
The pain carries me back into the depths of despair.
The agony of it, I can't bare.
Slowly the black hole swallows me inside.
Knowing I have no place to hide,
I finally succumb to the pain in my chest.
For it seems to know best,
how to keep me locked away
from dreaming about a day
when something special might happen,
my lost smile will return once again.

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