April 29, 2012
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Summer taste like nacho cheese flavored sunflower seeds and root beer floats.
Like fresh watermelon and shish-kabobs from a barbeque
Like ice cold water and multicolored lollipops
Like childhood

Summer sounds like the ringing from fire alarms and the hum from old oscillating fans.
Like heat wave warnings from weather forecasters and old people on their porches complaining that “it’s too da** hot”
Like the laughter of kids and the honking horn from shaved ice carts
Like family

Summer looks like dazzling fire works and excessively exposed skin
Like large advertisement posters for the circus and fair
Like a large convoy of motorcycles at the park and hand made paper fans
Like the smoke from out door grills
Like love

Summer smells like OFF bug spray and the residue from fireworks
Like the rain from sun showers and chlorine from pools
Like fresh baked sugar cookies and newly cut grass
Like life

Summer feels like the crashing of waves from the beach and the rise and fall of a swing.
Like the dizziness from roller coasters and the sting from water balloons.
Like clothes drenched in sweat and out of breath bodies from basketball
Like the annoyance from itchy mosquito bites
Like happiness

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bobbyD said...
May 6, 2012 at 12:13 pm
Maybe the best abstract poem I've ever read
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