April 28, 2012
By Ranger_Will BRONZE, Carpentersville, Illinois
Ranger_Will BRONZE, Carpentersville, Illinois
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The nameless man was cursed, trapped in the deserts of Egypt for all eternity
He wandered through the Sands of Egypt
Through heat waves and sand dunes,
Without a destination, he ambled on
Encountering lithe snakes and lethal scorpions,
And forced to drink the paltry substance the parched cacti provided
Through the long years a haunted look came to distort his face
With no companion and little hope of survival, madness eventually took him
He threw himself at any creature crossing his path
Caring not what became of him, for what mattered anymore?
He found the will to live though, albeit in a daunting fashion
Even the dangerous beasts of the desert fled at the mere sight of him
He became a monster, one that was feared throughout the barren land
For nothing is more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose
However, the one part of his mind that was sane still dared to dream
In his mind’s eye, the man pictured an ethereal city
A city in the heart of the desert with a beautiful oasis and sparkling blue water
The water ephemerally shimmering all the colors of the rainbow
Glistening with such intensity that it almost seemed to glow
And in the center of the city stood its citadel
A pure, rich white structure with an iridescent blue sapphire mantled at its summit
It stood proudly, reaching the celestial body of the heavens themselves
Oh, what a sight!
Abruptly, the dream shattered into meaningless shards, as the painful reality returned once again
The man cursed once and wandered on through the vast desert
Evermore, betwixt the sands of yonder

The author's comments:
This ideas for this piece inspired me from the very beginning, as I sought to capture the wonder and awe that poetry embodies. I hope that readers will find this wonder within my poem, and gain a greater appreciation for the mysteries of poetry.

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