Dream Today, Dream Tomorrow

April 28, 2012
By ReadingFreak BRONZE, Akron, Ohio
ReadingFreak BRONZE, Akron, Ohio
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Gale is mine, I am his. Everything else is unthinkable. -Caching Fire
Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. - Douglas Adams

A forest
Miles and miles

Different than any other
A house
Deep in the woods, dark empty woods

Surrounded by colorless, sad trees
Everything; the whole world
Sound asleep

Ready to be awakened
Snap! Creak!
What is that?

Everything is awakening
Trees shiver
Stretching those branches

Shaking off the leaves
Stand up
Lift your hands

Feel those prickly leaves falling from the trees
Flowers bloom
Creeping out of there hiding places

Bringing out beautiful, vibrant colors
Lean down
Reach out to brush those petals

So very soft and so very beautiful
Jump, duck, climb over
The world is coming alive

Don’t know what to expect
Run through those fields
Feel the tall grass brush your hands

Tickling your face, making you laugh
Jump off the grassy knolls
Land on the lush green grass

So very soft that you slip
Rolling around on the grass
Making grassy “snow angels”

Feels so good, like creamy silk blankets on your bed
Clouds cover the bright blue sky
A mirage of different shapes and sizes

So many things, you feel like your head will break
Sit up! Look!
That cool breeze brings the dandelions to life

Lifting the seeds, carrying them to other places, other worlds
The wind rustling the tree leaves
The tall grass brushes your face

Tickling your ears and making you laugh
A soft neigh in the background
A white stallion gallops through the field

Perfect in every way
Climbing on
It runs like the wind

Passing through the field, by the awakened trees
Stopping! A hollow in the tree
Where will it take you?

Stepping in, you gasp!
A beautiful white willow
Like a high queen, standing before her people

Majestic and beautiful
A beautiful doe
Standing side by side with a buck

Nibbling on the soft pale grass at its feet
Flocks of birds fly around you
Bumblebees flit around the flowers

A bunny chews on luscious green clovers
Walk around! Notice every little thing!
The perfect sky blue water, filled with fish

The adorable baby turtles following their mother into the water
Slide your hand through the willow trees branches
Put them to your face and smile

So soft and so perfect
The breeze pushes away the branches of the willow tree
A man stands alone under the willow

Breeches, gold buttons, a sword
Your prince awaits you!
He has been waiting for you for so long

Joy ignites your heart
Rushing to him
Throw your hands onto his shoulders

Run your fingers through his silky hair
His hands at your waist
His laugh echoing around the whole place

Deep blue eyes stare into yours
His lips brush yours
You have waited for this moment

All of your life
Pulling way
He picks you up

Carries you away to his kingdom
Where you rule the world
The dwarves, the bees, the people

All stand before you
Adoration and love
There feelings come to you

Like a shower of water
The world is awakened
The trees walk with other trees

Deep in conversation
The beautiful flowers
Once so very poisonous

Still so beautiful to the eye, but no longer poisonous
Fields and fields
Filled with tall grass

Once were sharp to the touch, now so very soft and lush
A house
Deep in the woods, dark empty woods

Surrounded by colorless, sad trees
Now is a house
Found deep in your beautiful kingdom

Surrounded by talking trees and colorful flowers
Here you wait
On a bed, laden with silk blankets

As soft as the grass you once rolled upon
Sleep falls upon you
Wakening, by someone shaking you

Looking up, expecting your prince’s face
No! Who?
Your brother stands over you

Yelling bloody murder at you for sleeping so long
Telling me that it was all a dream
But it seemed so real!

So very, very real!
One night of beautiful dreams ends
But another night of beautiful dreams awaits me

What will I dream the next time?

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