cry in the dark

April 5, 2012
In the dark i hear a cry..
It so lite, I can barely hear it.
In my dream, I am in a house.
It small, then the cry begin.
It starts quickly, then it grows louder.
I run trying to find this crying beast.
I run down the hallways and down the stairs.
I run into this small room. It fulled with young children toys.
Int the center of the room lays the crying beast. It pretty blue eyes wilders when as it see me. It became quick. It ghostly little hand reaches for me.
I walk slow up to it. I reach for it..then it gone and i am awaken. My heart feels broken.
Then as i lay my head on my pillow. It starts again. This time I though I heard "mommy why did you leave me?". Then I cried into the embly room.

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