High School

April 5, 2012
By cast-a-way BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
cast-a-way BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
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At school…
I am invisible
A loner
Just another student.
I have friends but I don’t even know if I can call them that. We talk during class but that’s all. I still sit in the library during lunch as a defense mechanism. In order to avoid social contact with people I don’t think I can trust.
But school is a part of life.
Everyone has to pass through.
No one enjoys it
They all hate at least one aspect.
But we would all be lost without it

It builds drive,
and your future.
So all that they put us through must be worth it. Right? … It has to be.
I can’t see myself being here if it wasn’t.
So at school I am a…
Partner Mathematician
Two Faced
Comedian Person
In order to become what they all expect. What they want me to be
An ‘Adult’
A functioning member of society. When they hand me that diploma it supposed to make up for all they have put you through.
As if to say

“Sorry for making you take the ACT

You didn’t need to sleep anyway

I never knew that school mandated volunteering wouldn’t be fun

How was I supposed to know your friends were going to stab you in the back?

My bad, I didn’t know that even though you studied for 6 hours you would still fail

I thought you liked forced physical activity, sorry.

Sorry for everything!
But here’s a diploma
Go out and get some!”
Forget all those years of high school
Start a job
Continue school
Do something to make the piece of paper mean something
To make all this worth while

Even though right now it doesn’t seem to be

It will.

Being at school will be worth it.

The author's comments:
I am a senior in high school and my englsih teacher asked me to write about high school, and this is what I wrote.

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