Something To Feel Lonely About

April 26, 2012
A lonely but true
Tale about you
I heard over the phone
They said you were alone
So I came over

A day so dreary
That I became a little leery
The weatherman lied
(It's like they don't even try)
But I went out anyways

The sky fell upon my umbrella
Falling in tune to nature's a capella
The sky fell upon my shoes
But I was on my way to comfort you
So I didn't mind

Sometimes puppies die
And fries do over-fry
Yet there's no reason to cry
Over little-half lies
When I'm only a couple blocks away

Yet looking back now
I should've known how
Cars do go on slippery roads
And how they do often lose control
When people like me cross the street

I hope my message gets to you
Maybe the ambulance driver will tell you
That I should have looked before crossing the street
I'm sorry I didn't get to your house to meet
Now that's something to feel lonely about

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