April 26, 2012
By Keaton Dean BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Keaton Dean BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Thoughts crawling into my mind
I can't stop thinking
School work

All, i want be gone
Then i can relax
Some i can't stand
They make me go crazy
They make me nervous
They make me mad
Sometimes glad
But most importantly

I think of what others think
I think of animals think
I think of what made god so amazing

I tell my mom all my thoughts
She listens to every word
Makes me think she's the only person I can trust
I tell her

I think about my afterlife
I think about my future
I think about my mistakes
I think about them being forgiven
I think about what makes me think these thoughts
And why?

Thinking a lot about what i think
They just come to me once in awhile
When i have the time to think
I think
And think
And think


The author's comments:
This piece i wrote was for getting all of my thoughts out. I had to let it out by saying what was really on my mind and not by getting to detailed. I want people to learn from this that thoughts can get into your mind and u can do something about it to avoid those thoughts if you don't like them.

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