The Beast

April 26, 2012
By Anonymous

He stares at me
With cold snake like eyes
And swoops in
Ready for the kill

Paralyzed I lay
In his stone firm grip
As his skin
Slices my soul
Stealing what I can never have back

His beady eyes bear into my skull
Gleaming in satisfaction
Flying away
With his prize
Leaving me alone
And shattered

What he leaves behind
Is an empty ghost
Wandering around
Seeking to take back
What is rightfully mine
At moments I come close
The prize right in my hands
Only to have it stolen from me once again
And to be broken into more pieces

His euphoria can only last so long
And again he returns
This time with a vengeance
I cry but no one hears
With each tear shed he laughs
A cruel, mocking laughter,
That slices my soul
Over and over and over
Until utterly nothing
Is left

I speak but no one listens
I wail but no one cares
I scream until I can’t anymore
But no one aides me
And I am left alone
With a million pieces
And a longing to be whole again

The beast never returns
But the scars last forever
Because what he stole
Can never be mine
I can grow stronger than Hercules
But that part of me
Will forever be gone
And will always
Be in the hands
Of the cold, snake eyed beast

The author's comments:
I wrote this to explain some troubling emotions I have had lately and shadows from my past

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