Listen to Me

April 24, 2012
Welcome into the world little one
I am sure you will be the best that you can be
I have faith in you no doubt
Just wait and you will see
Everyone will love you
You will have so many friends
Friends that will always have your back
Until the very end
But be careful
And listen to my words
You cannot trust everyone
In this crazy mixed up world
Not everyone is nice, you know
Not everyone is true
They will lie and they will cheat
They will really try to hurt you
They will call you fat and ugly
Dumb and a little bit prude
But they are trying to cover up
That they are really jealous of you
Brush it off your shoulder
And look what is coming soon
People that will change your life
People just like you
Yes, they have been hurt before
You will see it in their eyes
But these friends are for real
They will always be by your side
So let go and your anger
Forgive those who have hurt you
You are beautiful and strong
You have always known this is true

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