I'm Sorry

April 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Is it wrong for me to trust you?
Is it right for me to love you?

One thing I do know is I don’t need you.
You were gone far too many times for you,
To be necessary to me.

And I do trust and love you,
But I am disappointed with your empty and broken promises.
I'm sorry I am not what you hoped for,
And I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm in a depression,
But truth be told I’m happy that for once your words don’t affect me.
Is only a wind that catches me off guard,
But I move forward and I keep walking then run when my road is straight.
No doubt you have made me stronger and I thank you for that.

Yeah I live up to your expectation and I even surpass them.
I know I purposely denounce my ability to offend you,
The same I do when I surpass you.
I am not perfect but I will let you know that I will rise to the occasion.
I'm sorry you were never around to see all of them,
And you probably won't be around see the future ones.

If it weren't for your given name I'm sure I'd cease to try to talk to you,
To make you proud of me,
To represent myself like I did in the past.
Now I do what makes me proud to be me.
I am me and it makes me greater to know I am.

I could never hate you,
Even though you have gave me enough reason to do so.
You were disintegrating slowly and at the pit of your destruction
You dug and found two diamonds glistening brightly in the dirt.
Your reason to live and sorry I wasn't enough.
Be careful though for they are still fragile and self worthy.
They need your care and I wish for you to continue to move forward,
For they do not need to be inherited by me just yet.
The day you break though,
Is the day I would take them and do my best to shine them in your place.

Many would try to take them for the special way they were found,
But they sparkle in pray for your life you must live.
They need you and love you and trust in your care.
So don't worry of me for I am already past you,
But will lend you a hand when you need help.
I trusted you and I still love you but I don’t need you yet I want you.
I’m sorry…

The author's comments:
This was about me and my father. I love him but he didn't change his ways for me but for his sons. I made no difference to his lifestyle which is a shame but he's different now and knows how to love and care which is all i could ask for.

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