April 13, 2012
By Anonymous

From the day you were born
To the day you passed away
Life was a struggle

Doing things
That no parent, friend,
Or family member
Wants to see you do
Now whats the reason
For that?
Peer pressure?
I never knew

Your family
Still loved you
Very much
We all know the cliché
“People make mistakes”

We learn to forgive people,
Especially the ones we love the most.
You being one of them!

You died on December 8th
One of your two daughters,
Jamie was going to see you
On December 25th for the first time
In about ten years. She never got to.

You pulled yourself together in
The past few years
Everyone had so much confidence in you
With that scoliosis you had very bad.

Those pills you took to help the back pain
You took too many, one day, though
And it has changed all of our lives,
So much.

The author's comments:
This is about my uncle. He passed away December 2008 of an accidental over dose. I wanted to write a poem on how much I missed him.

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