I Dont Know Why

April 13, 2012
I don’t know why but when the world turns around us I wonder why earth the only planet that has life to the full agility, nature at its nicest, and grass to the highest
Makes you think doesn’t it
I don’t know why but when someone dies I wondered if you have to die your life
What is the point of being alive?
Makes you wonder doesn’t it
Then I wondered to the highest of all heights
I don’t know why the world is so cruel because killing, stealing, and rape is always anonymous
Then you always catch them red handed
Then killing some one
What sight of mined makes you wont to kill some one or make you the one to choose when the individual dies
Mostly if you think of it and really put a thought to it
If you kill one person it is like killing thousands and thousands of people because if that person has a baby then he or she made a whole new generation
So you that person that took the life of a person have taken a new generation away
Makes you think doesn’t it
That’s what this world needs change and knowledge a career
To take your life to great heights

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