April 13, 2012
By RossE BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
RossE BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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You have brought me much pain
Lying to my face punishing me
You have played many games
Literally tormenting me
You have lived in me
For too long you’ve done me wrong
Now that I have a life of my own
I now want to be alone
I know that you will never have
Someone better than me
I guess it will take a lot
For you to understand and see
Women are precious
You’ll need me someday
And when you do
I’ll turn and walk away
I am tired of the hurt
I am tired of being dragged through the dirt
You’ve controlled me for the last time
I am taking everything that’s mine
I am leaving you alone
Closing the door
Turning the page
I’m done with the pain
I am done with the games

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