Innocent Fruit

April 12, 2012
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The smell of your sweetness
Ah, coursing, flooding through the air.
Drawn like a bee to the flower
I rush to your fragrant nectar.
Such oozing bliss doth run and drip
Down your skin in beads.
Pulsing, hoven in this sticky heat
My veins throb alive with a new passion.
Oh Innocence, having naught been touched!
An unmolested jewel you stand!
Firm, yet soft
And yielding to my wanting hands.
But hold I must, to admire your beauty
Before imbibing in sullied desires.
Just to extract just an ounce of sweetness
From your tender, supple body
And inject it into the masses of all humanity.
What bliss, what utter bliss!
For just a drop of Innocence,
Just a drop of Nature’s beauty
Infused into timorous hearts and ill-willed minds
Would start the world anew!
But oh now Succulence, the time is nigh
And into your bosom,
Into your folds I have been called.
With eager lips awaiting
And ears all abuzz with anticipation
My mind is in a delightful swoon for you.
Slake my thirst, Commander of the Senses,
For my lips are on your delicate skin.
Is it my confusion
That makes the softness of your skin
Seem to rise up and caress my lips?
The scent of you is such that I cannot resist,
And thus there is the burst of saccharine savor!
Sticky, slippery juice
Now upon my chin, now upon my tongue
Drips down moist lips with lusciousness.
With eager kisses I devour you,
Oh Painted Passion,
And now that of your flesh I have tasted,
Discerned, tried, tested
You call me to satiate myself
To devour your gentle flesh.
And now, now that all of you is within me,
Slipping slowly down my throat,
I give thanks for thy innocence,
Give thanks for thy sweetness.
I give thanks for thee,
Most luscious fruit.

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