April 24, 2012
I never gave us a chance
Because I was so sick of the dance
Though you swayed so seductively

I said you were perfect
I made a promise and intend to keep it
Someday my lips will create rhythm with yours

But now our relationship is no longer able
From across the table
I try faking what I wanted us to be

But pathetically I rehearse the steps
This guy is filling the gap from when we met
And I fall over myself forcing the beauty

I’m sorry I gave you a reason to stop believing
Inside I screamed through my bleeding
Relentlessly repeating, the blazing emerald fire burned me to the core

My heart may mean nothing to you now, but I must confess
That my loyalty is becoming less and less
Because I keep crawling painfully back to you

You, sweetie, are someone rare
I pray you don’t forget I’m there
But treat what you’ve got now with love

Everything I wanted to be
Doesn’t matter because now I see
I finally trust everything you said to me

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