Whatever happend to childhood?

April 27, 2012
By RhyanJenkins22 GOLD, Mexia, Texas
RhyanJenkins22 GOLD, Mexia, Texas
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Whatever happened to childhood?
Whatever happened to little arms wrapped around soft and furry teddy bears?
Where the bogyman was just a shadow in a corner…
And a night light was strong enough to banish our fears
Whatever happened to childhood?
Where a kiss from mom was the only medicine we needed to heal
Where trips to the park put a smile on our face
Whatever happened to innocence?
Where the word “sex” drew a blank stare
Where we thought of 69 only as a number
Where in every young girl’s eyes,
boys had cooties…
And best friends lasted for years
Whatever happened to childhood?
Where cell phones didn’t rule our lives
Where we were content to stay a kid
Where our only child was a Barbie doll
Whatever happened to innocence?
Where dress’ fell below our knees
And make-up was used to play dress up
Where we couldn’t watch movies with sex in them
Whatever happened to childhood?

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