Casualties of War

April 27, 2012
By RhyanJenkins22 GOLD, Mexia, Texas
RhyanJenkins22 GOLD, Mexia, Texas
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We are casualties of a war that is unknown even to us
Yet we are affected by it everyday
Fighting and dying for things we no longer believe in
Not even understanding answers to the questions we crave so much
We are causalities of a war
Where the weapons
Aren’t guns
But trickery, lack of education, and lies
Where it may be a democracy
But underhand deals are the “majority vote”
We are affected by the ignorant mistakes of our ancestors
We are causalities of a war that has no boundaries
This war is fought in our homes, streets, schools, and our communities
War not against government
But against the very people who we call friends and family
A war that is fought at our very doors
Yet we chose to ignore it
We are causalities of a war
Where just the word “different” creates hate
Where you’re shot for race or sexuality
Where no one stops to think that that’s someone’s son or daughter
We are causalities of a war
Where we look for hope in the darkest places
Let us be the hope we are looking for…

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