April 27, 2012
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Tears with no emotion.
Smiles with no feeling.
I am numb.
I can't feel the hurt or the pain.
I can't feel the love or the care.
An empty shell
Hollow inside.
Abandoned by myself.
Alone. A secret.
Each tear drop
Has a meaning.
But now they are just
I feel care-free.
Leave me alone.
Don't try to help.
I have fallen in the great depths of Hell.
No one can reach me.
I keep falling.
Screaming, with no fear.
I am a ghost.
I feel nothing.
Lock me up for years
There is no regret,
No hurt,
No feelings.
I. Am. Numb.

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JPanda13 said...
May 12, 2012 at 7:30 pm
awwww so sad!!!!!!!!!
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