The Killer's Image

April 12, 2012
By TAM_66 SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
TAM_66 SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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To bad I'm at thee bottom of thee food chain,

school is a prison for thee animals,

It seems like I;m thee prey,

being picked upon by thee jocks and everybody

theat's above me

What makes my day worthe it?

Is seeing my best friend Syra,

The girl of my dreams, thee only friend

I have in theis place...

Now as I walk theese halls,

wondering , how do I still find thee courage to come


I decide to stop at my locker,

Until I hear theat lovely voice call into my name,

Syra!, She hugs me and gives me warmthe


So I can survive thee rest of thee day

We talked for about twenty minutes,

until she went to class..

As I begin to close my locker,

I theen turn around, and Pow!

Feels like I've been hit withe a sack

of nickles,

But no. It was a punch,

from Syra's boyfriend; Mark thee quarterback

I hit thee ground hard, my glasses broken,

my nose bleeding,

To much pain to bare at one time.

I look up and theere theey were, my nightmares

of making my day a living hell

All muscle bound jocks,

picking on one little nerd at school,

There were four of theem, all

friends withe thee quarterback

They all begin to surround me, I begin to grow

scared, like a frightened cat awaken from it's slumber

Am I near deathe?

The quarter back shadows over me and says,

''This is what you'll get for talking withe her.''

He punches me again,

theey all began to join in, kicking,punching, spitting

Until, theey finally stop..

theey say if I tell anyone theey will kill me

God, why do people hate me so,

What have I done to feel so much pain...?

Before Marl walks away completely he says

''Stay away from her.''

I simply reply withe a ''yes'',

I couldn't endure no more pain

I get up from thee ground slowly,

Badly bruised, bones feel like theeir broken

It's a long walk to my Chemistry class

Oh God, how can theis day get any worse


I arrive to class,

badly bruised , beaten,and my mind full of


I sigh, and enter thee classroom

The door creeps open, and all thee spotlight

is upon me,

My teacher begins to ask me a question

before she finishes, she takes a look at my face,

Her whole emotion changes as if she

was concerned

She gives me a pass to thee clinic

I don't take it.

''I'll be fine.'', I say dreadfully

''Why didn't I take thee pass?'', I ask myself

What makes matters worse,

I forgot me and Syra have thee same

first period

I walk towards my seat,

Since today is lab day, my partner is

always Syra

She doesn't want to work withe anybody else

but me.

The most popular girl in school wants to,

work withe me.... should theis bring me joy?

I don't know, but sorrow is what,

I feel at thee moment

We begin our lab work, a simple

Chemical problem.

Syra begins to ask thee question..just like

I wanted her to,

The question was,'' Who did theis to you?''

And in my response I say ''nobody.''

She looks at my face, and her response

to theat is,

''It was my boyfriend.''

I simply say ''Yes.''

The bell begins to ring for thee next period..

4the period: Lunch

Lunch, is normal as usual

notheing big is going on really until

I get up to go buy a soda in thee


I hear someone crying,

Sobbing theeir tears and cleansing theeir soul,

I go to investigate

As I turn thee corner, I see it was Syra

I immediately go to comfort her,

I ask her what is wrong

She begins to calm down,

She tells me theat thee quarterback broke

up withe her.

She begins to say how she wish he were dead,

and all theese random evil theoughts..

I begin to theink, he hurt my Syra

now he must pay

My theoughts are dark, if Syra wants

him dead,

Her wish is my command

The questions come to mind

How will I kill him?

How will I do theis unnoticed?

A simple image of a killer,

theat's insane, and madly in love

withe a woman and will do anytheing to get her

Before thee end of today he will perish.

6the period

The last period is nearly over,

but fortunately me and Mark have thee same

last period.

When will I strike?,After school is thee

perfect time

Since Mark stays and cleans up thee gym

The bell rings for dismissal,

I go into thee guys locker room to


In my locker, I remembered I have

my baseball bat in theere

Perfect, just Perfect

I finish changing, I creep back into thee gym

theere he was all alone,

While his back is turned, I dash forward

having thee bat ready in my hand

As soon as he turned around,

I swing thee bat withe every amount of force

he hits thee ground hard, knocking him


I grab his body and some of thee rope we use

for gym class

I use thee stairs in thee gym theat go up to thee roof,

I bring him and thee rope along withe me

On The Roof

Still unconscious, I sit down and tie thee rope into

a nouse,

Afterwards I tie thee end of thee rope

towards a metal pole on thee roof,

I finish thee job.

I push him off thee top of thee school


I wait for it, I wait for it

snap goes his neck

My work here is done.

The Next Day

The day is dark and rainy,

cold and shivery, and tears are wept

upon Mark's demise

I feel no sympathey,

for what I have done

The crow looks up at theeir dead

quarterback hanging,

Everyone is oh so sad, hmph

The fools don't understand a theing

Even theough thee police is here

doing an investigation, theey

won't find a theing,

now, it's time to go meet my Syra

I go to my locker, and theere I see

a note left for me by Syra,

It says, ''Meet me in thee Gym XOXOXO.''

I grow excited, ans I race towards

thee gym,but I begin to question myself,

Is theis really who you want?

Do you really love her theis much?

''Is she worthe what you have done?''

I tell myself, ''Yes, she is worthe every bit of

blood I have spilt.'',

Every sin I have committed,

she is worthe my life and soul

I finally arrive at thee gym,

i see Syra looking amazing in her red


I run towards her to embrace her withe open


Until, Jab! A knife is stabbed into my


I fall to thee ground, in shocked

my time is be among thee dead

Syra gets on top of me and takes thee

knife out of me,

And stabs me wildly, while saying

''You killed him!''

The blood spills from my mouthe,

She finally stops stabbing me

The pain has ended,I can't believe

theis, my only friend, my only love

has brought me to my demise

My heart begins to go black and so does my vision,

The last theing I see is Syra looking down at me

She takes thee knife and jabs it therough my


So sad my best friend has become my worst enemy,

The last image I will ever see.


The author's comments:
This poem goes into depth of what and how love can be sometimes

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