Just Another Day

April 12, 2012
By HolyTony BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
HolyTony BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
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You are driving a car on a fine spring day on your way to your parents’ house.
You stop at a red light sipping some coffee. As the light turns green you slowly begin to go.
You notice a car is coming at your right,
unable to stop headed right for you and all you can do is wish for another day.

You’re sitting at your parents’ house while they ran some errands. You are reading
the Hunger Games just as enticed as possible.
Then you hear a loud thump down stairs like a table was turned over. You think
it’s just your imagination so you keep reading. You hear footsteps coming up the stairs.
You tiptoe to the side and wait for the right moment and jump over the rail. You miss the target
and you get up with a headache and a gun to your face and all you can do is wish for another day.

You’re sitting in the office as busy as a bee working on the computer. Your boss calls you in his office. You are thrilled, because you were working hard for a promotion.
Then your smile turns to a frown when he tells you to sit on down. He says due to budget cuts
he has to let you go. Leave before he finishes you lean on your office door and just wish
for another day.

Its night time as you sit on the bed reading a story to your kids. As you finish the story, the kids’ eyes are as heavy as a garage door and they fall asleep. You are happy and grateful
that you have just another day.

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