April 12, 2012
By Osayuki Uwumarogie BRONZE, Country Club Hills, Illinois
Osayuki Uwumarogie BRONZE, Country Club Hills, Illinois
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How can his definition define me,
let it come blindly,
inside me,
assigning all when before i decide that finally,
what's the use in telling the truth, when truth is you were abusive,
intrusive, overexerting yourself upon the just stupid.

How can his definition been hiding all that I had been trying
to hold back, I know that,
stacked away from it all.
Rise before the fall, the truth always defeats the flaws,
but the image was diminished by just too perfect of a vision.
Started now but finished, this retrospect that I had been living.
You said that I was timid, when in all honesty I wasn't in it.
Livid by the limits you installed,
enthralled by a certain capture;
in honesty i guess I was so caught up in all of the laughter.
Happily ever after sounds so much better when in rapture.
Disaster doesn't have a place when held up by its master.
Faster the ideas of rage in a certain place,
dazed and amazed by the uncertainty that they relate.

I guess the moral of the story is that i refuse to be abused,
you lose when you choose to be amused by his cues,
of bs, you see this is when i decide to leave.
I don't need a man who won't treat me like a human being.
So definitions are stupid,
Labels are so inclusive,
Don't be blinded by his cruelness
Ladies our men are for the choosing.
Miss one, it's like a bus
next 15 there's another one
and after that there's another one
and we date each and every one of 'em.

So in closing a man does not define what's inside
Don't confide in his pride,
be obliged to stay confined,
in your own cause he don't,
never did and never won't
determine when you will succeed.
Please believe he needs to leave

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because I was inspired by a piece written by Toni Morrison and I just wanted to put my own little creative spin on it because self esteem is a huge issue facing young girls today and I just wanted to inspire anyone out there who feels like their self worth is defined by what someone else says.

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