The Witching Hour

April 12, 2012
Full of mystique, wonder, the mythical and supernatural,
Filled with creatures from both dreams and nightmares
Home of the winged horse, Pegasus,
And it’s cousin, the Unicorn
The time of secrets and mysteriousness

When witched make bubbling potions
When wizards conduct arcane experiments
When mermaids’ scales gleam in the moonlight
When wolves howl at the lantern-orb of a moon
When unicorns gallop through star-studded meadows

When thirteen black ravens slice noiselessly through the night sky
When the only ones on earth aren’t just the living
When the full moon peeks out from its blanket of clouds
And everything is bathed in pearly moonshine

When there is a certain feeling to the chilly night air
And things immortal lurk unseen,
Then, it is the witching hour.

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