thank you, cause i proved you wrong

April 12, 2012
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I look you in the eye
what I see in your are
hatred, fire and no mercy
I think it's safe to say
what you see in mine is
strength, pride courage and power
you're jealous of me
I know it
don't deny it
we both know the truth
you hate me
I hate you
you want to know what I have to say to you right now?
well I'll tell you
thank you
thank you for making me that much stronger
thank you for making me that much prouder
thank you for making me that much tougher
thank you for showing me that I'm bigger then you
thank you for cutting me down cause every time you did I grew back a thousand times better
did that catch you off guard?
I thought it would...
I was hoping it would
because the following will only throw you further off
you told me I won't be anything to anyone
well here's what happened
I met this guy
he's now my whole world, says the ring on my finger
I've got this career
it pays me more money then you will ever dream of
I've got this whole new family
they actually love me
unlike you
so I thank you one last time mother and father
for giving me this amazing life
this is our final goodbye
and I hope you will see
that anyone can prove you wrong

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