From Darkness I Awake

April 12, 2012
I walk in the dark, a breeze tugs at my hair. Deaths icy breath weakens me, and I’m stunned by his stare. While I take another step forward, slime sticks to my toes, death whispers my name and suddenly my muscles all froze.

I fall to the ground a stench rises from below. He chuckles and chokes; from there fear begins to grow. A moment of silence my heart pounds in my ears. He says, “Now let me show you what you’ve done all these years.”

We’re falling again, this time to earth. I see my mother about to give birth. Tears roll down my cheeks, he turns me to him and says, “Now I’ll show you her love for you from after just a few weeks.”

A Curtin closes and opens again. I’m a baby in her arms, so innocent and Zen. He points in another direction, I see me at age six, getting mad at boys for calling us “chicks”. I was so young and didn’t know what those were. Like a cat, death begins to purr.

Now at age 17, evilish I was, he was right there with me. This I know because, it was his frozen hands that guided me to be, so disobedient and selfish, al I thought of was me.

The memory falls like dust, and I can take no more. He shouts, “Stop crying!” my eyes feel puffy and sore. He shows me one last memory, the day before my death. His empty eyes twitch as if he were on meth.

I thrash in frustration, and shout, “please, I can take no more!” he stops laughing, and behind him appears a door. He grins at me greedily and pulls me in. “you can’t start over, but from there you must begin”

Confused my head spins I awake in my room. My mother screams in terror, for I awoke from my doom. I’m now great full for life and everything in it. Those few seconds I died, ill never forget it.

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