I Wish I Could See Her Again

April 25, 2012
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She lived next door
In a big, white house
Full of memories

She was the aunt
I never knew
Till fate changed my view

Josie was her name
And I'll remember it
Until death I die

For Josie taught me
How to really live
Life to the fullest

She was an angel,
God-sent, always
There for me

It didn't matter
What day or time, we
Could never separate

Until, that is,
Death stole her
From my grasp

I'll not forget
Not remember
I'll just simply be

She was gone
Just like that
And nothing was the same

The feeling cuts too deep
No matter how time passes
It never leaves

Or maybe I'm the one
Holding on because pain
Is part of the memory

She made me feel
So free and I never
Got the chance to thank her

I wish I could see
Josie again for just
One more day

I'd swim the ocean
From shore to shore
Just to hear her laugh

I'd walk a mile over stones
To have the chance to
Say 'Goodbye'

I'd give anything
To turn back the
Clocks of time

And then I'll see
Her as she was and
Tell her how I feel

I love you Josie
And no matter where I go
You'll always be in my heart

She taught me that
I didn't need eyes
To truly see

And she was right
After all, Josie
Was blind

But she saw more
Than anyone
Ever could

She saw through
Her heart and the
Darkness was no more

She showed me
The world in
Another light

One that didn't
Depend on the

And then she died
Leaving me

The sorrows I could
Not tell for they
Had no end

I wish I could see
Her for one last time
And tell her how I've cried

But I know she
Entered Heaven's gates
And waits for me there

Who would have known
That an accident
Could take so much life

She was ready to go,
To live in
Another life

And until we meet again,
Josie, I will see as
You once saw

I will remember you
Through thought and mind
Lest time tick no more

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iCheeto This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 18, 2012 at 12:46 pm
This is beautiful and emotional and heart breaking, but it still made me smile.  Remembering your aunt with so much love is so great, even if it hurts.  Keep writing, and keep remembering your aunt.  God bless you both :)
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