The Cardinal

April 25, 2012
By Keyakyo PLATINUM, Nortonville, Kansas
Keyakyo PLATINUM, Nortonville, Kansas
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People love them everyday. Beauty look before it's gone. Love changes...but not the love you give. And if you love, you'll never be alone.

Oh, beautiful red bird,
What is the word?
That word which you are chirping so incessantly at me?
Might you understand my plight?
The one I hide everyday with all my might?
My mask is not so strong today,
It is trying hard to stay,
But the more you chirp,
The faster it fades away.
You know why my heart hurts,
And yet rejoices,
Every time I see you,
I know you do.
That is why you are talking to me,
Is it not?
Do you know her?
The one I lost?
Have you seen her?
Have you a message for me,
From my beloved Gramsie?
Does she know that I love her,
And that I always have and always will?
Please won’t you tell me that which is on the tip of your bill?
What? What is that you are saying?
I don’t understand,
Oh how I wish I could,
Understand you, Sir Beautiful Bird.
No! No don’t go away!
I mean you no harm.
You are the first cardinal I have seen all winter,
Clearly you are a sign of something bigger.
You net my Gramsie,
Am I right?
That strong, amazing lady,
Whose death put me in such a plight.
What is her message my dear bird,
Please won’t you tell me her words?
Three little chirps is all I got,
Before that beautiful bird took off.
Three little chirps, what could they mean?
Why, they could mean anything.
And then a thought struck me,
An epiphany so it would seem,
“I llove.”
That is the word,
Of my Gramsie through that amazing bird,
Loved by both of us,
Who better than him to reconnect us?
I love too Gramsie,
Watch over me please,
And I’ll keep thinking of you.

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