The Battle of the Will

April 25, 2012
By freespirit1708 SILVER, Lillooet, Other
freespirit1708 SILVER, Lillooet, Other
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No blood had been spilled, but strong was the fight
Twixt the wants of the will and the conscience of right.
Self reigned in his kingdom; he sat on the throne,
But one overtook him to reclaim his own.

The battle twas fierce and the fights they were long,
But truth will prevail to conquer the wrong.
This battle still goes on in each every soul,
The contender still fights to gain its control.

But who will prevail and stand till the end?
Will kisses of the enemy? Or blow from a friend?
The choice it is simple though seems quite profound,
Twixt the forces of evil and one who resounds.

He fought for us daily and from it is scarred,
Through hands and feet from nails they were marred,
He loves us immensely so for us he fought,
But I chose the one who loveth me not.

The one who tells me to make my own way,
To do what I want and live for today.
His road ends in trouble; his home is the grave,
He leads me with empty promises then makes me a slave.

But there is one who loves me still,
When I have failed and gone downhill.
But he still waits with arms open wide,
To accept me back, sins laid aside.

The choice is also yours today,
What road will you take to find your way?
The path may be easy, but you’ll find all too soon,
As each step grows nearer you’ll soon meet your doom.
The other much darker
The road is much harder
But nearing the end of the road you will be
With Jesus, our king, for all eternity.

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote for English class. It describes the age long fight between good and evil.

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