To Love A Cerrite

April 25, 2012
By Anonymous

Haunting green jades-
The eyes of this girl-
My girlfriend of Cerrite origin.

Flowing murky water,
With unnatural light,
Curves to hug her tight-
Tightly, tightly it hugged-
Yet evermore,
She is sad.

Sad, sadder, saddest,
She falls saddest yet,
Breaking my heart so fragile-
So fragile, yes,
Yet so caring and loving.

Alas, oh alas,
Her heart breaks so-
The father of horrors pushing on her-
Pushing so hard,
Pushing down on her.

The sword is drawn,
Hatred clear in his eyes,
Yet love for the girl as well,
In those eyes of night.
The pins shimmering,
Foretelling my ever-worsening luck.

Jump my conscience yells,
Protect the girl!

So jump I do,
The sword embedding into my skin-
Pain leaping up the path-
The path I call my leg-
My leg, now red with regret,
Lands hard on the ground.

The girl comes over,
Face stained and pained-
Pained with fear of losing me,
Losing her love.

"Alex, why?"
Her meloudious voice comes,
Arms cradling me tightly,
"You're a big brat!
Face it!
I NEVER loved you!"
She yells, hatred and fear clear as day.

The eyes of night,
Now locked with mine,
Show niether regret nor remorse-
Nothing of sorrow for actions past-
The eyes condemn only I,
I who jumped.

"But I love you!"
He argues,
Voice razored with anger and hatred-
Hatred so strong.
"He, I hate,
You, I love.
Can't you understand that?"

Despite his protests,
My girl stands fast in her desicion,
Only to waiver if needed,
Her arms still cradling me tight,
Regret and remorse flowing,
Flowing evermore from my leg.

"I forbid it!"
Yells her father,
The father of horrors pushing harder for his gain.
My girl looks up,
Attending to the father of horrors,
The man she calls dad.

"I love him,"
She argues soft,
Ever so softly speaking-
Voicing her disagreement so low,
Now almost unbearable.

"Kill him,"
The command so soft,
Yet so full of hatred-
Hatred towards me.

Forward Alex charged,
Sword raised yet again,
The long and hatred showing in his eyes of night,
Getting ever closer now,
Now in so close.

The eyes disappear,
My breathing quickens,
Yet everything-
Every last thing-
Seems to disappear,
My girl included.
Beads of wet on my forehead start to flow,
And I start to run,
Looking for my girl.

I call-
Over and over I call her name-
Only to be answered by her soft voice.

"It was only a dream,"
She whispers,
Arms cradling me tight once more,
"It was only a dream."

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