Love: A blink of an eye

April 25, 2012
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Love is a magnificent feeling. At first, you have butterflies in your stomach and are afraid to talk to that person. Then when you finally introduce yourself, you are astonished by how wondeful that person is. It's neautiful you say in your head. And after that first date you realize you would love a kiss and you get it if you ask for it. Several more dates and you have bonded together so deep that nothing can break the love chain. Its made of love you say in your head. And suddenly you start to lose interest in that person but that doesnt matter because a few weeks later your hugging and kissing again. On your wedding day you promise to each other a life full of happiness in love through sickness and health. And soon you have a child with that person and share wondeful memories together. But somehow you lose interest again and split up but again it doesnt matter because a week later your on your knees begging to be with that person again forever and that person agrees with open arms. So once again your living a happy long life with your soul mate watching every move you make with care and precision. Time passes, your child grows up to be president of your country and makes wonderful decisions. You are sitting on the porch next to your long-time lover and watch the world go by a second at a time.Suddenly your lover falls ill and ends up in the hospital and before your lover takes the last breath you tell your lover not to worry because you will see them soon. You live another 10 years but this time in dreadfullness and depression and before you take your last breath you pray to God and thank him for the wondeful life He allowed you to have. You take your last breath and reunite with your lover and you two sit and watch as your child grows up to become a peice of both of you combined. You live happily ever after and reunite with your child and your child's children and spouse. Then you kneel to the floor and thank God for for a wonderful afterlife. And then you close your eyes.

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