April 25, 2012
Rain pours like blood off the side of the pavement

Our world is as empty as a basement


Something only God can give to us

Because He is so amazingly righteous


In all minds eye

Is nothing to people who continually lie

Some wait in faith for forgiveness

While most of the world is stricken with blindness

Then it stops

Pure cleansing gone

It's gone

Do to the fact that humanity loses

Because people can't hold in their boozes

We forfeit the right to proclaim superiority

Leaving Christians to become the minority

We lose

For we live in a world that fights for animal rights and cavities


So many little tragedies

Our savior weeps for us as we plunder and burn

Vaguely they wish and yearn

For money, drugs, and prostitutes

Things that should be against all of our constitutes

Life without purity

Leads us all to obscurity

Yeah, our world's not great

But it's never too late

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